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O2FARM - Brow Botox - Happiness for eyebrows, 20ml


BOTOX O2Farm, 1 ampoule 20 ml - is a powerful new generation of concentrated essence for regenerating the eyebrows! New treatment, also called HAPPINESS FOR EYEBROWS, is a procedure for restoring the natural structure, deep moisturizing, thickening and nourishing eyebrows from the inside out.  

The hairs after brow lamination are looking elastic, soft and silky. 

The essence contains:

Acai Palm Berry Extract
Provitamin B5
Vitamin E
Amino acids
Olive Oil and Sesame

The unique formula Botox O2FARM was developed in Spain by Spanish Scientific Research Center MC-LAB and "Happiness for eyebrows" became the most popular treatment in Russia and Europe. The procedure provides deep restoration and instant transformation of the eyebrows which feel lush, silky and rejuvenated!

Important! The procedure has a cumulative effect and with each subsequent visit the eyebrows will add 10% in volume and density.
Volume: 20 ml.

How to use:

*As the bottle is factory-sealed for a long shelf life, it is recommenced to use a medical syringe to get the product our of the bottle . By inserting the syringe through the lid, the product will not have any contact with oxygen and will not loose the qualities for long time. One ampoule of 20 ml is enough for almost 150 treatments.

1) Before start of the treatment - put the  ampoule in a glass with hot water for a minute or two to warm up the substance.

2) Insert a medical insulin syringe 1ml and get 0.1ml of the substance out of the bottle.

3) Pour the 0.1 ml of the essence into a glass dish

4) Add 1ml of hot water to the same glass dish

Mixing ration is 1/10 where 1 - is botox, 10 - water.

5) Mix the essence and hot water thoroughly until smooth with a micro brush, stick or mixer.

6) Apply the mixture on eyebrows, cover with the cling wrap. Processing times 15 minutes. 

7) Remove the wrap and clean the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad

The procedure should be performed BEFORE eyebrow tinting.

It is also a perfect addition to your signature Brow lamination treatment:

Perform Step 1 and Step 2 first, apply Brow botox and cover the eyebrows for 15 minutes after Step 2, remove the essence with a damp cotton pad and proceed with eyebrow tinting. 

Apply Step 3 as the last step after you remove the tint.

The hairs are shine, nourished, hydrated and soft! Your brow lamination will look better than ever :)